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Aviso/ Warning

Due to the growing popularity of my professional profile, numerous social media accounts are trying to impersonate my identity, using professional photos that I have posted.


  1. I do not offer any service like taking your money to investing.
  2. I do not offer any service like taking your cryptocurrency to investing.
  3. I do not accept any kind of transfer, payment or check for any type of investment service.

BLACK LIST (SCAMS under my photos. Be carefull!

@TraderMatthew  FAKE

– @ ZDM Trading Academy FAKE

– Jaco Willem @TraderMattheww  FAKE

@Jaime Juez(BrokerJunior.com FAKE

– @Jaime juez FAKE

– Jaime Juez – @juez_jaimefx FAKE

@aelye FAKE
@roger_btc_trade  FAKE
@josedionisioruiz0 – Jose Dionisio Ruiz  FAKE
@morrisson51 – Morrisson Tyler  FAKE
@danielmagnusfx – Daniel Magnus  FAKE
@Walter Geofry FAKE
@lvarounin FAKE

Joan Espinosa De los Monteros FAKE

Juez Jaime FAKE

Albert Nestor Rustam FAKE

Gaku Hidehiko FAKE



Please, if you see any social network or website other than these, notify me to report it and get it closed.

You can contact me on ☎️+34 686 16 31 99